Massage with CBD extract

After a long day of hiking, running, mountain or road biking, a grueling workout at the gym, or perhaps after a full week of office work, there is nothing quite like a good relaxing massage - especially when you add cannabis to the equation.

I know what you might be thinking, smoking weed and then getting a massage. But no, there is another way.

Since the legalization of cannabis for therapeutic uses, many have echoed its multiple benefits.

It is used by people receiving chemotherapy for cancer, inhibiting side effects of the treatment. Also on a neurological level it is used for treatment in cases of epilepsy, Parkinson's, a lack of appetite and anxiety disorders.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and relaxing power, it is also used for massage and this practice is not recent.

There are reports and studies that show that massage was used as therapy in ancient times, perhaps as early as 3,000 years ago in Egyptian culture. These reports also talk about natural plant based essences and ointments to enhance the result of the treatment and make it more effective.

Cannabis and other plants have been present in the history of humanity for ages and their effects, apart from psychoactive ones, have been of great help in traditional medicine.

Let's talk a bit about products with marijuana extracts and clarify the difference with smoking a joint.

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a compound derived from the hemp plant that you've probably seen everywhere in recent months. CBD has become a super popular addition to many common products, including beauty essentials like lip balm or mascara, skin care creams and hair products.

Unlike THC, another active compound in cannabis, CBD is not psychoactive, and studies have concluded that it has a variety of health benefits, from helping patients with anxiety attacks or chronic pain to de-stressing in general.

CBD is one of the hundreds of compounds of the plant. It is cold extracted, to retain all its qualities. Mixed with other essential plant extracts and oils it is used to create more effective creams and oils for the treatment of pain and muscular relaxation.

You can experience the benefits of CBD orally, through oils, pills or tinctures, or apply it topically, which brings us back to massage.

As a Livebetter Massage masseur, I have used this compound in creams and oils in massage treatments for relaxation, arthritis or chronic pain and also for sport and deep tissue massage, since its appearance on the market .

A full body massage with CBD takes us to another level of relaxation and its effects last longer than with other types of essences.

In more specific massages such as sports massage or to treat trigger points, arthritis, etc., the caloric effect of the creams and the anti-inflammatory effect of CBD itself, absorbed by the tissues can contribute to a faster recovery.

A massage can do wonders when it comes to relieving tension from your body and especially when you have those contractures that stick like needles in your muscles. People who follow a regular massage regimen, either because they need it or because they are recovering from an injury, claim that CBD massage oil has helped reduce the pain they had before starting cannabidiol products.

There are many people who use CBD to stay calm, get a better sleep, or simply to maintain a balance between body and mind.

Getting a CBD oil massage can help you balance your personal life or even help you be more productive in your professional life.

By adding this hemp supplement to your massages, you will experience its benefits progressively - the magic is not a matter of applying it once. It requires regular use to alleviate pain and improve general well-being.

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