MLD Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage

Solving your fluid retention improves your well-being, can improve your aesthetics and brings you health

Objective and duration

The main objective of lymphatic drainage is to help the body to better protect itself and to eliminate in a more effective way the waste that it creates naturally and that for some reason it is not doing it correctly.

An MLD massage consists of a series of gentle, rhythmic and repetitive movements designed to facilitate the circulation of the surrounding fluid in the subcutaneous connective tissues of the body, which together are part of the lymphatic system.

Depending on the final objective of the therapy and the degree of incidence of the patient's problem, which should be evaluated by a professional to determine the medical causes, if any, or in the case of an aesthetic treatment we would evaluate in Livebetter, the treatment of lymphatic drainage should be more or less intense and long-lasting.

In this sense, the ideal is, at least, to undergo about ten sessions, although the number may increase for patients who need it; in many cases, it will be from the sixth session when the results begin to be seen.

We offer you this subscription that is only applied as part of a minimum treatment of ten sessions, for 3 or 5 weeks, being ideal to start with two or three weekly sessions, and later do only weekly or fortnightly maintenance sessions.

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