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That is the word we hear the most when we come to our clients' homes to offer our wellness service.
We strive to provide the best personalized treatment to each of you, sports massage, recovery, Swedish with aromatherapy, deep tissue massage or chair massage for corporations, events and offices, creating a spa environment in each treatment. And now we also offer our store of products that we trust can help you and make your life easier.
We have spent more than five years touring the houses and offices of London giving the best of us, quality, discretion, adaptation to your needs, professionalism and trust to our clients, always with our best smile.
We hope you are one of them!

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Livebetter @ Home

The Perfect In-Home Massage. Relax, recover, and unwind with a spa-quality massage in the comfort of your own home.


Livebetter @ Work

Livebetter offers wellness services for employees. Activate engagement in the workplace, delight and energize your team and create a culture of wellness.


Store @ Livebetter

At Livebetter, we believe in holistic wellness. Our store offers a thoughtfully curated selection of our favorite, tested products.


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Wellness and recovery services that allow everyone to feel and function better in the comfort and safety of their home.

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I started working with Jorge from Livebetter 5 years ago on the recommendation of a friend, it was a success. His disposition, treatment and professionalism are unbeatable.

Leee John Vocal artist and founder "Imagination"


I suffered a stroke 7 years ago that partially prevents my mobility which causes pain and stiffness of joints among others. I have been working with Jorge for 4 years and he solves all my problems. Now I feel more confident with myself and physically much better.

Marianne Milosevic-Sorgo


I started running as fun and now it is a sport that I am passionate about. During my training I hired Jorge for a massage session and explained to him my problems with the recovery between sets, he proposed a plan that greatly improved my performance and improved my condition. I have now finished my first London marathon.

Silvia Dávila



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